Chané de Kock

Passionate about God, abundant life and people!

My Mission:

To inspire women to be authentic and to see the beauty hidden within themselves. I am also passionate about educating people about healthier food choices, which I believe will leave a lasting legacy for the next generation.

I am a happily married wife and mother of 3 children. Besides all the joys of married life and parenting, I also have a great passion for God and helping people to lead an abundant life.

I grew up in a small town in South Africa and was the youngest of 4 children. I was fortunate to have a good upbringing with a loving family, but always seemed to have wings that wanted to fly. I don’t know why or where to, but something “higher” was always calling me. I was the most least likely person to do “something” with my life. In fact, I never had a boyfriend because I was the tallest in the classroom. In everything I’ve ever done at school I was the average achiever. Not too bad, but not the best. I met Jesus when I was 16 years old. My life took a complete change. All of a sudden I was not the teenager looking around to find identity in faraway places, but I was the one chatting to Jesus in the swimming pool. He changed my life. I remember when I left school my teacher asked me what I want to do with my life and I replied that I want to help women reach their potential. I didn’t know how I will be able to do that, but I had a burning passion in my heart to serve women.

My life took a sudden change in a different direction than planned when I got married to my lecturer at university at the age of 19. Even though that was interesting in itself, the real change and challenge came when I became a mommy when I was 21. I didn’t know a lot about being a mother (or lest rephrase – I knew NOTHING!), but I did luckily grasp that this will be the most important job of my life. Fast forward 8 years and I had 3 children and the passion for women returned with a burning fire. This time it was even greater than ever because now knew what most women are going through! I was in full swing of changing thousands of nappies, cooking meals constantly and cleaning my house. Sometimes I just felt so tired of giving of myself and loving everybody around me that I got a bit drained to be honest. During this time I also developed a great passion for healthy food. I’ve always been a bit of a foodie and love to be creative with food. I adopted to a gluten-free and sugar-free lifestyle and it was my passion to raise a healthy family.

Another turning point in my life came in 2013 when I decided to take part in the Mrs South Africa competition. I am not your typical pageant person. It was the first pageant I’ve ever done and I didn’t even own one pair of high heels – let alone walking on a stage with them! I took part with the sole purpose of getting a platform to encourage women to be the best they can be and sharing my passion about health to the world around me. I learned so much about stepping out of your comfort zone and grew in all areas of my life. Now I had the hands-on opportunities to develop public speaking skills, working with the media and building a brand. I loved every second! It was quite challenging, juggling that with being a mommy, but it was a good season of my life. Sometimes I don’t know why God has led me to take part in a pageant, but now I truly believe God simply wanted to let me wear a golden evening gown and put a crown on my head to give me the deepest feeling of royalty. The night I was crowned I truly felt like His princess! I really believe that every women has been born into royalty. The crown that Jesus gives is the most splendid crown of all.  It is my passion to lead women to a place where they can see themselves as Jesus sees them – free, beautiful, perfect and most of all – ROYAL!

God bless!


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