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Self-insight is a valuable asset. Using reliable and valid psychometric assessments to help you discover your strengths and personality preferences have proven to enhance performance in your personal life and the workplace.


Transform productivity through people insights.

Do you know what really motivates you? Do you want to understand in which situation you perform at your best? Most of us want to love what we do. Capitalise on your strengths instead of trying to fight your weaknesses. This is where personality assessments come in. Through years of experience, analytics and research, these assessments are developed to help you better understand yourself and others.

As a certified Personality and Ability Assessment Practioner, I can provide you with the skills and knowledge to make the right people decisions within your organisation or to increase your personal performance. The Occupation Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) and Motivational Questionnaire (MQ) by SHL are leading questionnaires that can assist you to perform your best.

Occupational Personality Questionnaire

Discover your unique personality preferences

Let me help you discover your personality’s unique style and preferences. Not only will you be more fulfilled and more productive, but you will also feel more energised and have richer relationships. Whether it is to become a better leader, coworker, spouse or parent, personal growth starts with ‘knowing thyself’. SHL’s Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) is a great first step in that journey.

The Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) is the most flexible and comprehensive personality assessment to date. SHL (the company who developed the OPQ) is a global leader in talent innovation who helps companies and individuals to transform productivity through people insight with the use of the world-leading assessments, analytics and technologies. The OPQ assessment provides a clear framework for interpreting complex patterns of personality across three domains:

  • Relationships with people
  • Thinking style
  • Emotions and feelings

The OPQ measures 32 dimensions of personality and provides a comprehensive profile of your personality with insights that improve productivity and performance.

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Motivational Questionnaire

Find out what really drives and motivates you

The more motivated and engaged you are, the greater your potential for success. However, motivators, such as recognition, development, and flexibility often differ widely depending on the individual. Thus, assessing for motivation enables you to better understand what really drives you to excel in some roles and not in others. Learn what motivates you and take ownership of your development plan.

The SHL Motivation Questionnaire (MQ) assesses situations that are likely to increase or reduce your motivation to work. The MQ measures 18 dimensions of motivation and provides a comprehensive profile of the motivational factors that affect an individual’s work performance. The more motivated and engaged you are, the greater your potential for success. Besides giving you tips on how to best manage yourself and others, the MQ also helps you and your organisation to:

  • Understand the link between motivation & engagement
  • Identify and manage your motivators and demotivators
  • Improve employee motivation and engagement

The MQ provides a range of easy-to-use reports, to support effective decision making, called the MQ Report Pack.

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Why use personality assessments?

  • Gain valuable self-insights
  • Make better decisions
  • Improve overall performance
  • Recognise growth areas
  • Learn what motivates you
  • Incentivise staff correctly
  • Foster employee engagement
  • Identify high performers
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Improve employee motivation
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Identify best-fit applicants
  • Improve staff onboarding
  • Foster staff development
  • Boost staff performance

Up to 70% of attributes that drive success at work are aspects of personality (rather than ability).

— Results from a large number of job analysis projects by SHL

Learn more about SHL's personality assessments.

Data insights you can trust.

Get valuable people insights in record time. SHL’s Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) and Motivational Questionnaire (MQ) consistently produce valid and reliable results. Consultations truly come to life with the comprehensive insights that the OPQ and MQ provide.

As a certified Personality and Ability Assessment Practitioner with a BSocSci (Honours) in Psychology, I’ll use the test results in our consultation sessions to empower you as we take your self-knowledge and relationships with others to the next level.

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Our personality assessments provide an unparalleled resource for truly understanding talent at an individual or organisational level.

SHL has the largest database of assessment records in the world – more than 24 terabytes of historical data from more than 86 million candidates and 400 validated job profiles.

Invest in your personal growth.

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Please note that because of the costs charged by third parties like SHL for the use of their online psychometric tools, personality assessments and reports will be charged separately from the feedback and consultation sessions mentioned below.

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