Counselling empowers people to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

It takes a lot of courage to face your fears. Anyone can live with a victim mentality. And most of us have valid reasons to be that way. However, to overcome obstacles requires bold action. Seeing a counsellor is a first step in the right direction.

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Helping you get from here to there.

At certain times in our lives, we all encounter difficult or challenging situations. That’s life. But difficult seasons don’t need to derail us. Counselling provides the tools and insights to manage challenges in a way that will heal instead of hurt us. Owning your story – the good and bad – can be one of the most powerful choices you can make.

Why see a counsellor? In challenging situations, family and friends can be a great support, yet occasionally we need someone more skilled to talk to. Some of the main benefits of counselling include helping you to see your thoughts from a different perspective, letting things out that you’ve been keeping inside, helping you share your problems, and achieving a greater degree of self-awareness. All of these benefits ultimately help you to cope better with everyday life.

For most of us, it is not enough to simply survive: we want to thrive. It has been proven that talking to a counsellor not only improves your mental state but also your physical wellbeing. Nothing will make me happier than to help you get unstuck and become the person you were designed to be. As Shawn Achor, lecturer of Positive Psychology at Harvard University says, “Happiness is the joy you feel moving towards your potential.” I want to help you feel happy, but let’s first figure out what’s holding you back.

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Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. You are creating yourself with every decision you make. And you're making decisions every second of every day (including right now).

— George Bernard Shaw

When do I need counselling?

Getting professional help takes courage. Don't live in denial. Deal with your issues in a safe environment.

  • Losing a job
  • Divorce or an affair
  • School stress and anxiety
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Natural disaster
  • Parenting struggles
  • Marriage difficulties
  • Family difficulties
  • Feeling depressed or anxious
  • Life-threatening disease
  • Experiencing trauma
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual & physical abuse
  • Childhood issues
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Relationship breakups
  • Job changes
  • Dealing with addictions
  • Anger or resentment
  • Experiencing apathy
  • Feeling hopeless
  • Unhealthy habits
  • Mid-life crisis
  • Relationship problems
  • Marital affair
  • Sudden social withdrawal
  • Loss/bereavement
  • Feeling overwhelmed

My background

Optimal human functioning has been my passion for the last 15 years. I believe that psychology is not just a study of pathology and damage but also the study of strength and character and, therefore, I follow the build-what's-strong model that supplements the traditional fix-what's-wrong approach to help you get unstuck.

I hold a BSocSci Honours degree (Cum Laude) in Psychology from the South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP). I am a wellness counsellor, an Accredited Personality and Ability Assessment Practitioner and an Accredited Natural Health and Nutrition Coach. I am also working towards a Masters in Positive Psychology degree from North West University in South Africa.


What to expect

Below is an example of a typical client intervention. Counselling sessions may be once-off. However, it is typically recommended to have at least 3 sessions to get the best results. The number of sessions required will vary depending on the client’s unique needs and circumstances.

Phase 1


We'll talk about you and explore your life story. Some things may be pretty, others less so. Let's talk and see what themes emerge. It's important for you to be heard.

1-3 sessions

Phase 2


We'll define a meaningful way forward that can be measured. Typically, we'll use personality assessment tools to help inform our decision-making. Then we'll build a workable road map.

1-3 sessions

Phase 3


We'll combine your life story (experiences) with your unique personality traits, motivators and strengths to create and implement a meaningful way forward.

1-3 sessions

Invest in yourself. You're worth it.

Face-to-face sessions and online sessions cost the same. Bundle deals offer the best value and need to be purchased in advance. Bookings are only confirmed upon receipt of payment. Hesitant to pay upfront? No worries. My ‘no questions asked’ money-back guarantee means that if you’re not 100% satisfied, simply ask for a full refund.

Please note that personality assessments and reports – if required – will be quoted and charged separately.

Individual session

1-hour session
ZAR 500 per hour
  • Face-to-face/ Online

2-Hour Bundle

2 x 1-hour sessions
ZAR 450per hour
  • Face-to-face/ Online

How would you like to meet?

Face-to-Face Session

Face-to-Face Sessions*

Face-to-face sessions are available in George, Western Cape, South Africa.
* Temporarily unavailable due to Covid-19.

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Online Sessions

Thanks to technology we don't need to be limited to a specific location. Online sessions are available from 8 am - 5 pm (South Africa time).

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